Hi! I'm Sandra, an interior designer living in NYC with projects in the city and beyond. I founded Studio No. 8 to help clients elevate their spaces with an eye towards European design, combining classic and contemporary to create timeless looks. 

For me, the architecture and design seed was planted at a very early age climbing up to my father’s drafting table and leafing through blueprints where his vision had come to life.


While living in Spain and travel throughout Europe, the incredible architecture and design sensibility inspired me to take my passion to another level. I studied interior design & architecture at the IADE Design School in Madrid and became a partner in a real estate development firm.

I believe design is not only décor, but understanding the function and flow of a space to maximize it and make it work in all aspects. 


Fundamental to the success of a project is communication with all involved. We work as a team with our clients, architects, builders / contractors and real estate agents to achieve our client's objective.