3 Types of Lighting You Need for Your Kitchen

When you are designing a kitchen or just thinking about a refresh, lighting is an important part of the planning process. Three types of kitchen lighting to consider are the following:

Ambient: Your main source of light is your ambient lighting and is in addition to or replacing natural light. You can have a combination of fixtures (like pendants, cans, chandeliers, etc.) that should cast an even light.

Task: While the ambient lighting brightens the space overall, it can leave shadows in areas where you need focused light. Task lights illuminate work surfaces and cabinets so that recipes can be easily read, meals prepared safely and you can find ingredients on shelves quickly. Common task lights are strip lights and puck lights.

Accent: This is like the highlights for your kitchen to accentuate the features. Think toe-kick lights, cabinet lights and anything else you want people to see.

With all of these, some may cross over so don't be afraid to mix for that perfect blend. Happy planning!